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No ‘No Shave November’ at SHS

Rachel Saucier, Editor

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‘No Shave November’ is a popular and fun tradition for guys to participate in when the weather starts to get cold, except no male students at SHS will be showing off an impressive beard this year. There is a strict ‘no facial hair’ rule here at the high school, due to the fact that facial hair is “distracting.”

The fact that teenage boys are not allowed to have facial hair in high school is an excessive rule. Facial hair is not distracting to other students or teachers.

Facial hair, like hairstyles and makeup, is also a way for males to express themselves. Just like girls are allowed to wear makeup to enhance their natural features, boys should be allowed to have facial hair to enhance theirs.

If you ask any high schooler whether they find facial hair distracting, their answer would be no, there is no real argument that says facial hair is distracting. It is way more distracting pulling boys out of class and making them miss instructional time to go to the office and shave.

For some boys, facial hair is not a problem because they simply do not grow facial hair. But for others, they may have to shave every single day. If they do not want to have to add shaving every morning to their routine, they should not have to. Some boys also may have sensitive skin or could have allergic reactions to the shaving products they are forced to used in the front office.

Some staff members say that the facial hair rule, like other dress codes regulations, are put into place to make Sunnyvale High School a more professional environment. This is logical for things like body piercings or revealing clothing, but not facial hair. There are professionals here at SHS (or the other schools in the district) who have facial hair and are effective at their work and are in no way distracting to students or their peers. If facial hair on the students is considered unprofessional, then teachers and faculty should not be allowed to have facial hair either.

Instead of banning facial hair altogether, male students should be allowed to keep facial hair as long as it is well kept- similar to rules put in place for male teachers. Logically, males students should be expected to maintain it appropriately.

The students of SHS are more than capable of learning in an environment where male students have facial hair.

Note: At press time, Academic Adviser Jennifer Settle mentioned that the administration would be in favor of a “No Shave November” or or similar activity as part of a fundraising activity. The Sentinel suggests that class officers utilize something like this as a way to raise money for class activities.

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No ‘No Shave November’ at SHS