Sunnyvale Spirit Cannot be Stopped

Jordan D'Silva, Editor

The heart behind any school is the school spirit. The brain of a school is important with scholastics and scores, but love for one’s school combined with a passion for achievement is paramount for a school to thrive. In the short history of SHS, school spirit has grown exponentially and many have taken notice. From homecoming hallway decoration contests to #CNN (Crowd Not Nice), SHS traditions have been springing up to form a unique integration of competition and unity.
The Sentinel is proud and excited by the progress SHS has made in the area of school spirit.

After last year’s senior class successfully started up of the vehicle of spirit, this year’s seniors have taken that car for a spin and what a ride its been. Led by seniors Cade Torres and Colton Hammers, Crowd Not Nice has been loud, rowdy, funny at times, and a big part of the football team’s early success.


Football games aren’t the only events where students have showcased their pride in SHS. Crowd Not Nice has shown up to volleyball games, as well. The student section at games have even included fans in costumes! Pep rallies have become more fun than ever before as the band and cheerleaders always put on a show. During homecoming week, with dress up days and hallway decorations upped the SHS tradition game for years to come. The students are in the beginning of building Sunnyvale tradition and this peak of spirit and pride has come at the perfect time.


How has all this come about? What is different about this year? Well, there are many people at which to point the finger. The cheerleaders, the band, the athletes, and the student body all hold a part in SHS unity. But the student body can’t forget the faculty and the new principal, Ron Sterling. Mr. Sterling, in the early part of his tenure, has already built a reputation for being a passionate fan of all Sunnyvale teams. He can be seen every Friday night on the track right next to the field cheering on his son, Trey, and the rest of the Raiders.
While the early part of this year has already produced some amazing fandom, the potential is limitless for the rest of this year. Sunnyvale is on a train of tradition that cannot be stopped!