Sentinel Proposes Off-Campus Lunch

Jordan D'Silva, Editor

“I’ll have a number two, whata-sized, with a chocolate shake.”

Students have all dreamed of saying those words on a Monday at noon, as stomachs growl for an impossible meal. For seniors that have worked hard for three years, this needs to change. SHS seniors are ready for off-campus lunch and are confident in finding a plan that will suit nearly everyone’s needs including faculty, parents, and students.


Adding the opportunity to take part in off-campus lunch would give seniors more incentive to maintain higher grades excellent behavior. For seniors who have been hit with the common disease of “senioritis,” the opportunity to go off-campus for lunch would give them motivation to take their grades seriously and to finish the year strong. The staff of The Sentinel believes that by adding an off-campus lunch combined with activity period on Monday through Wednesday, the senior class would be given a larger scaled chance to use time-management and communication skills. For educators trying to eliminate the deadly disease with which so many seniors have been infected, this incentive could be the cure in a new lunch and we hope we can begin human trials very soon.


Having off-campus lunch would give students responsibility, and our society would benefit from students becoming more responsible. High school is a preparation for college and the rest of our lives. It is important that we are experienced, mature, and have enough self-control to manage our lives on and off campus. Off-campus lunch is the perfect example of how to give students all three of those values in one simple lunch.


To be a senior is a monumental stage in a student’s life, and getting to use off campus lunch would be an added milestone to the hard work put in the previous years. It should only be given to the seniors. This example the seniors put forth would show the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors the leadership, responsibilities, and self-control it takes to have opportunities such as off campus lunch.


Opponents of off-campus lunch will likely present a few issues that can easily be managed. Perhaps the biggest cry against is that there is not enough time to go off-campus and eat. Not only that, but teachers may be concerned that it will cause chaos among both parents and teachers. Even further, teachers may be worried that students will come to their fourth period late or skip class entirely. For the cafeteria, the loss of seniors may cause a financial burden. There is also an obvious safety concern that must be taken into account. There is a lot of points that The Sentinel is prepared to address.


To begin, seniors can prevent any time dilemmas by proposing an off-campus lunch period for seniors that goes through both lunch and activity period. Teachers can rest easy, as The Sentinel plans to propose to Mr. Sterling a “three strike rule” per senior. If the student goes past the three strikes he or she will lose all their off-campus lunch privileges. If the student refuses to go back to school that day he or she will lose their privilege for the rest of the school year. The safety concerns for both the faculty and the parents will be put to rest through a parent permission form. An identification sticker should also be placed on the student parking permits to alert staff that the designated seniors have permission to go off campus for lunch. Lastly, for safety, the seniors would be required to watch an instructional video on the dangers of driving and how to prevent accidents through defensive driving. Additionally, having an off-campus lunch would encourage students to maintain good behavior and studies, so students must be passing all classes and have less than three detentions for the school year.


If the seniors are not progressing, the seniors are digressing. That’s why it is important that these students reach for the best grade possible and always be on their best behavior. College and the beginning of the seniors’ lives are just around the corner and these students must be ready. The time for change is now and the class of 2015 is ready to bring it!