Super Sterling Reaches Out to Students

Super Sterling Reaches Out to Students

Jordan D'Silva, Editor

Who is Mr. Ron Sterling Jr.? Is he your average, mediocre principal, or a guy to fill a position? Perhaps he is something better? Does Mr. Sterling have a structured plan to take SHS to an elite level? Is this the hero of SHS? Or maybe-just maybe, he is the superhero that has come to save Sunnyvale! He answers all, in his Q&A with the Sentinel Staff.


What is your broad vision for SHS?

“Of course we want to be an exemplary high school and to not only of the best in Texas, but we also want to be able to compete nationally. And we want to meet the needs of the 21st-century learner, incorporate technology and continue to integrate it into the curriculum.”

How will the students’ roles change in your vision?

“I’ll be asking the students about their vision and what they would like to see at SHS. It’s important to do that because [our students] are an important aspect of our customer service and it’s important to know that you all want to be here and want to create tradition and create a sense of pride for the high school.”

What experiences in your past led you to your ideals and the field of education?

“I’m the product of two educators – both my mom and dad were in education and I saw students who weren’t able to have a voice and so I wanted to make sure there was a comfortable atmosphere where students feel comfortable sharing their concerns with the adults in the building. Of course there should be proper procedures in place for that, but it’s important that we address those needs.”

What are some specific things you have planned for this year?

“I would like to implement a student advisory committee that meets with me each month. I also want to make sure our student officers have a more refined role and a more active role in the success of Sunnyvale High School.”

How can students reach out to you and voice their opinions?

“We talked about the student advisory, but my door is always open. I try to be out in the hallways and have ongoing communication with students. If a student wants to talk about something more personal they can always reach out to me, even by e-mail. I’m pretty much available at all times. If a student or student body wants to talk to me we can have a class or grade assembly where we can a Q&A session with some open-ended questions.”

Where did your famous, “Create Yourself a Good Day” quote originate?

“I started that when I was in Tyler, in East Texas. I was working with some at-risk kids and the kids would come in and say, ‘it doesn’t matter what happens my day is always gonna be horrible.’ And I told them that, ‘…you are responsible for making your day good. You have to create yourself a good day, even if bad things things happen there is always a silver lining that you can find.’ And that’s where it all started.”