“Prom-posals” Are Overrated


Extravagant invitations to prom have been taken to a new extreme, being renamed “prom-posals.”  Today’s teenagers are using engagement proposal-style ideas including flash mobs, scavenger hunts, and engraved jewelry to ask their date to prom.

These elaborate ideas are overrated and set the expectations even higher when there is an actual marriage proposal later in life.  The way teenagers spend so much money on prom-posals has become a meaningless competition as to who has the cheesiest and most expensive idea.

A prom-posal potentially ignites a needless competition between students.  For example, when one student proposes in an intricate and lavish way others might feel the need to outdo one another, thus in a way, creating meaningless competitions.

Prom-posals not only create meaningless competitions, they are also costly and time consuming. Based on a quick calculation of examples around SHS, and its easy to see that such extravagant efforts could quickly rack up the dollars. And what’s worse is that after the expensive prom-posal, comes the purchase of a ticket, dinner, prom attire, prom transportation – the list goes on. Asking a date to prom should not be so expensive. By spending money to outdo one another or impress one’s date, this puts a restraint on those who cannot afford an elaborate proposal.

Not only do promposals cost a fortune and cause meaningless competition, they also set high expectations for future prom-goers.  When prom-goers ask their dates to prom in such over-the-top proposals, younger students have even higher expectations for the years to come.  Ultimately, high standards cause problems when students don’t exceed the previous standards that have been set in recent years.

People would argue that prom-posals are thoughtful and memorable experiences.  However, the problem is that they often mimic marriage proposals.  By setting the bar this high when in high school, a person could be let down if a marriage proposal is not as grand as their prom-posal was. And shouldn’t a marriage proposal be infinitely more special?

Instead of going to great lengths to ask a date to prom, make it simple yet thoughtful.  Write a nice note, get flowers or simply just ask your date.  In the end, it’s not about outdoing one another or impressing your date. It’s the thought that counts.

Prom-posals have now become the focus at prom time.  Instead of getting caught up in the excitement of prom night itself, students have become focused on simply being asked to prom.  There should be less emphasis on this aspect of prom, and more on the actual event.