Beyonce on Gender Equality

Beyonce on Gender Equality

Austin Dearing

Recently, pop icon Beyonce published an essay online as part of the annual The Shriver Report, a nonprofit media initiative led by former first lady of California Maria Shriver, that “seeks to modernize America’s relationship to women.”

In the 2014 special report, “A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back From the Brink,” the singer/songwriter wrote on gender equality, calling it a “myth.”

“We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality,” Beyonce explains. “It isn’t a reality yet.”

Beyonce, whose songs about female empowerment include Single Ladies, Grown Women and Flawless***, points out that people need to stop believing that gender equality is real and that its time for both men and women to make a change.

The pop icon recently released her latest album “Beyonce”, selling 1.43 million copies in the US alone, outselling her previous album “4”

“Today, women make up half of the U.S. workforce, but the average working woman earns only 77 percent of what the average working man makes,” the pop icon writes. “But unless women and men both say this is unacceptable, things will not change.”

Not only are women subject to pay inequality, but many jobs are still “gendered,” carrying either masculine or feminine connotations. Beyonce notes that even though America has come along way since the women’s rights movement, there’s still work to be done.

“Humanity requires both men and women, and we are equally important and need one another,” Beyonce said.