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“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press….”

-The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

The SHS Media Editorial Policy pertains to all SHS media, including the online newspaper, The Sentinel; the yearbook, The Raider; the elementary yearbook, The Raider-in-Training. The full editorial policy is available at and at The policy also supports the SHS Video Technology Department.

SHS Media are the official student-produced media of news and information published/produced by SHS Media students. SHS Media have been established as designated public forums for student editors to inform and educate their readers as well as for the discussion of issues of concern to their audience.

The content of SHS Media is determined by and reflects only the views of the student staff and not school officials (including the SISD Board of Trustees) or the school itself. The advisor will not censor legally protected speech or determine the content of the paper. The adviser will guide and instruct the staff on issues in a professional and ethical manner.

The Sentinel is written and produced for the students of SHS, but will be mindful of potential younger students of the district when decisions about content are made. The combined SHS and SMS yearbook, The Raider, will be written and produced for those audiences. The SES yearbook, The Raider-in-Training, will be produced for the elementary student audience.

SHS media will not knowingly publish material that is considered by the staff to be unprotected, that is, material that is libelous, obscene, disruptive to the school process, an unwarranted invasion of privacy or a violation of copyright.

The SHS media staffs will conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times. While we understand that the administration has the right to prior review of publications, we will remain aware of the responsibility we must uphold in the Sunnyvale community.

Opinions will be clearly marked and/or will appear on the opinions pages. Commentaries and opinion columns/editorials are the expressed opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Sentinel newspaper staff or its adviser, SHS, its administration, Board of Trustees, alumni, or community at large. Reviews are considered signed editorials and may appear on pages other than the opinion pages.

Unsigned editorials that appear on the opinion page will reflect the official opinion of The Sentinel staff, but not necessarily SHS, its administration, Board of Trustees, alumni, or community at large.

Corrections and clarifications from previous issues/postings of The Sentinel newspaper will be found on the editorial pages or as designated on other pages. Corrections and clarifications will be published when brought to the attention of the staff or advisor. Corrections may not be issued for any yearbooks.

Businesses or individuals who wish to advertise with SHS Media should contact the adviser, Emily Vanek at [email protected] or visit to review rates. SHS Media reserves the right to refuse any advertising which is deemed inappropriate to the SISD community. The SISD community reserves the right to reject, edit or cancel advertising at any time or for any reason. Examples could be, but are not limited to: inappropriate photos, religious advertising or political advertising.

Letters to the Editor must be signed. Letters may be e-mailed to [email protected] or may be submitted to Mrs. Vanek’s teacher box by dropping it off in the SHS front office with Mrs. Hill. All letters must be typed, double spaced, and must not be longer than 200 words in length. The Sentinel will not print anything libelous, obscene or in poor taste, according with the Supreme Court’s standards. We reserve the right to postpone or withhold any letter from publication or posting which doesn’t meet the specifications. The Sentinel will not alter the meaning or intent of any letter, but will edit for grammar, spelling and space, if necessary. Letters will be checked for accuracy. Should a letter contain excessive spelling, grammar or factual errors or exceed 200 words, it will be returned to the author for resubmission.

The Sentinel will not print criticism that is not supported by facts.

The Sentinel may cover student, staff, faculty, alumni or community deaths as the staff is made aware. We reserve the right not to cover a death based on relevance, timeliness and circumstance.

The Sentinel may use social media to engage the SHS community and promote content. There will be one account per application for this and all communication through this manner will be held to the same standard as all SHS Media.

The SHS Media staffs will work toward credibility constantly. To this end, the following guidelines will be in place regarding prior review of stories:

  • Sources will be able to have quotes read back at the time of interview or at reporter’s initiative.

  • Sources will not be able to arbitrarily demand to read the reporters completed story and then perform editing tasks on that story.

  • Unnamed sources will not be allowed.

  • All media interviewers will respect the interviewees rights to have information remain “off the record” if the fact is known before giving the information to the interviewer.

  • The SHS principal will review all issues prior to press time/posting.

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