Sunnyvale’s Undefeated Seniors


Vienne Howay, Senior Editor

The Raider Football Team has had an impressive season so far. Last Friday, the team competed against the Roosevelt Mustangs, bringing home another Raider win. This brought the record to 8-0, giving the Raiders an intimidating reputation. The boys have worked hard to make their  team the best it has been in years. 


“I think this is the closest and most connected our team has been in a while, and I think we work well together and all have different strengths,” senior Devin Sterling said. The teams’ accomplishment have brought the boys closer than ever, helping the team morale and attitude.  The boys believe their mindsets are a major part of their success so far and will continue to push themselves to the limit. 


“As a team, I believe we have improved the most at being able to listen to each other in order to win, but we still need to work on being mentally tough so that we can fight through the challenges that we are faced with,” senior Brendon Ferguson said. The Raiders’ hard work and dedication has paid off in their undefeated season and they are looking forward to seeing where the rest of the season takes them. 


“The biggest thing I’m excited about is winning district and seeing how far our team is able to go during the playoffs,” Ferguson said. The Raiders have a promising season ahead of them, and the Sunnyvale community is excited to cheer on and support our 2019 – 2020 football team throughout the rest of the year. 


This Friday, November 1, the boys will be competing against Lincoln High School at our own Raider Stadium. This will also be Senior Night for the graduating senior players. The boys will have the chance to walk their home field with the families that have supported their athletic careers. The 17 senior boys have made a massive impact on the Raider Football team over the past four years, and the Sunnyvale community is excited and ready to celebrate them.