Cross Country 2019

Cross Country 2019

Daniela Marcor, Editor

The cross country has kicked the year off on a great foot, achieving first place in their first meet. Individually speaking, we have a tremendous group of runners this year including Lily Jacobs, which one first over all, Lena Meras, which finished eighth, Grace Knight, finished 13th and Emily McCoy finished 17th. Put them all together along with Karis Starnes and Hannah Bailey to unlock a force to be reckoned with. 

Leading the team is the infamous Lily Jacobs. The team is coming off from a history making season, having the whole team qualify for state which Jacobs also led. She is very optimistic about the upcoming season and projects amazing results again, “I believe that our team has a really good chance at qualifying for state again. Everyone has worked really hard so far, and I am excited to see how far we make it after district! Running in general is hard, but having teammates that share the same passion makes it so much better,” said Jacobs. 

Jacob’s secret is running for a higher purpose. “I enjoy running because of the people it connects me to, the opportunity to compete, and the chance to push myself,” said Jacobs. She enlightens us in what runs through her mind before a meet. “Before meets, I tell myself that I have done everything in my power to prepare for the race. I remind myself that I am racing for the Lord and my teammates. It also helps me to tell myself that racing is the fun part of running, and that I GET the opportunity to run, I don’t have to,” said Jacobs. 

Long distance running is a grueling activity. It requires a great deal of grit, mental strength and perseverance. The girls who participate deserve more praise and recognition than what they currently receive. There are only a small percentage of people who are willing to endure what they do on a daily basis. From the pain staking fatigue to the 6 AM practices, cross country runners are some of the most mentally strong athletes. 

Be sure to support your Lady Raider Cross Country team at their next meet Thursday, October 3rd at Lyn Creek Park.