Boys Cross Country Update


Shelby Moreno, Editor

The Raider Cross Country team has kicked off the season with a great start! 

At the Pirate Cross Country Invitational, the varsity team got fourth place overall with Noah Crownover coming in third and Alec Leos finishing in fourteenth! Thomas Penick, David D, and Micah Crownover all assisted the junior varsity team in winning third place overall by placing in third, thirteenth and fifteen place! 

“We work great together.” Said, senior, Noah Crownover. “Whenever one of us is feeling worn out or tired, we’re always there to help motivate each other to keep going.”

The team also did very well at the Metroplex Challenge with the varsity team getting second overall in the 4A-U division. Noah Crownover finished second, CJ Leos claimed eleventh place, and Alec Leos landed in thirteenth!

Now that the boys have experienced the competition this year, they are going to learn from their past meets to aid in their future competitions. 

“The past few meets were quite challenging because the courses had quite rough terrain,” junior CJ Leos said, “but since we have encountered things such as this and we try to prepare for them, we can now go forward into other meets more aware.”

As they continue to compete throughout the season and strive to reach their goals, the team will endure more rigorous exercises to help them better prepare for their meets.

“Our goal is to win a meet, advance to Regionals, or both,” said senior Thomas Khang. “We will work towards those goals by continuing to run at 7:00 AM to improve stamina, speed, maintaining composure on rough terrain, and overall perseverance.”

Not only do the boys have goals they would all love to achieve together as a team, but they also have individual goals they are hoping to reach this year as well.

“My goals for this season are to help the team advance to regionals,” sophomore Thomas Penick said. “The experience will require lots of physical and mental toughness, but I believe the hard work will eventually pay off.”

Though the team is moving more towards accomplishing their goals, the season is just getting started and they still have many more competitions to attend soon. However, nothing will stop the boys from working together until they cross their finish line.

“I’m willing to continue training hard and early in the morning in order to work towards our goals,” Khang said. “Every meet, my teammates give me the motivation of giving it all I got to get to the end and I intend on helping them do so as well.