Lady Raider Athletics Set for New Seasons


Sophia Westwood, Editor

The Lady Raiders have had a solid start to the fall athletics season.

“Our goal this year is to make progress each week toward securing a playoff spot,” said Head Volleyball Coach Peyton Haller.

A lot of experienced volleyball players graduated, and the team is working through a rebuilding season with new players.

The payoff of reaching our goal will be the accomplishment of achieving the same level of play with less experienced players this year,” Haller said. 

Even with the loss of players, the team has continued being positive and working hard under the leadership of Ashlyn Blazek, a senior on the varsity team.

“My goals of the season is to leave a lasting impact towards the volleyball program and the people apart of Sunnyvale Volleyball,” Blazek said. “Each one of these girls means so much to me and I just want to help them become better people and better volleyball players!”

Blazek expanded about encouraging the team and leaving a lasting impact. 

“When I reach my goal, I know that I will have left a legacy and that is a pretty good feeling. And I know that people are looking up to me because I am a senior and if they see how I treat others then maybe they will do that too and it will create a more positive environment,” Blazek said.

Lily Jacobs is a role model for the underclassmen in cross country. She pushes them to bond and to win.

“My goals this season are to be a positive role model and leader for the team. I want to have a team that is unified and loves each other, but also competes for each other to win,”  Jacobs said.