Sunnyvale Winter Sports Update

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Sunnyvale Winter Sports Update

Vienne Howay and Rachel Stevens

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The Life of a Basketball Player

We often see the basketball teams whether it’s from the stands or walking to class and seeing them practicing in the gym but we don’t really know what the life of a basketball player is like. Having to manage all the school work on top of basketball as well as going to all of the games is difficult.

“During basketball season, it’s a lot of hard work and dedication. Having basketball Monday-Saturday is a lot, but so worth it,” one of the basketball captain for the girl’s team, Brooke Daniels said. “During the school day, I try to get all the homework I have done because I don’t get out of basketball until 5:45 during the week.”

It’s not just the girl’s team that works so hard. The boy’s team also has to prioritize what comes first.

“As a student-athlete, I have many responsibilities I have to take care of. I spend time working out a lot, but I know that once I get home I have to tackle my homework,” said ones of the boy’s basketball captains Brian Perry said. “On some game days, I may have tons of homework and I’ll have to finish it after the game, but I make it work.”

Balancing their time is not the only thing basketball players have to do, they have to practice every day and then go to games and play their hardest.

“On a normal day at practice, we focus on skills that allow us to improve individually,” said girls’ captain Haley Settle. “We also work on team material to help us prepare for whatever game is coming up.”

The boys’ team applies a similar discipline.

“It depends, especially on game days – we run our best defense, depending on the team we play that night,” basketball captain for the boys, Tripp Mays, said. “We watch game film, practice the way their players work, who the best weapons are, and then try to maximize the best use of our players.”

Getting ready for the game together helps the team play, and act as one on the court.

“We all sit together to watch the JV team play, then at their half time we shoot-around, after that we go to the locker room to get ready,” basketball captain for the girl’s team Danielle Marcor says. “Then the coaches come in and give us a pre-game speech. We say a chant to get us hyped up and then listen to some jams to get us in the zone.”


New Leadership in Boy’s Soccer

The new season has brought new leadership for the SHS Boys’ Soccer Team. This year, they faced the challenge of only having one senior who “is juggling both basketball and soccer,” junior and co-captain Jake Nester said. “So, the only full-time upperclassmen on the team are juniors. This means that we had to step up as the team’s leaders both on an off the field because we have the most experience on the team.”

The juniors take their newfound leadership roles very seriously and are striving to be role models for the underclassmen. They hope to give the freshmen and sophomores the same experience that they were given by the previous upperclassmen.

“When I was an underclassman, the team had great leaders who influenced me in many ways, in both life and soccer,” Nester said. “Being a leader gives me a chance to continue what they started, and give a positive influence to newer players on the team.”

The team is looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for them. The juniors are determined to make this season a fun bonding experience for everyone involved.  

“The best part about being on the team is that it’s not just a team it’s a family,” junior and co-captain Tarek Aziz said. “Everyone on the team will make you feel like family, and that’s what makes soccer so special.”

Overall, the Sunnyvale Raiders are ready to take on the new season with a positive outlook. They are excited to grow in skill, confidence, and teamwork.


Challenges of Girls Soccer

The Lady Raider Soccer Team is facing some big challenges this season, but they are ready to work hard to overcome them.

“I think the biggest concerns this season are injuries, defense, and how many people are new to the sport,” senior and co-captain Chyna Shaver said.

The team had many new additions this year, which put them down in experience, but boosted them in potential. The Lady Raiders are not hiding from or avoiding the issues, but instead are already making plans to overcome the setbacks that have restricted them.

“Communication, nothing can be solved if we don’t bring up the problems,” Shaver said.

The girls are dedicated to becoming the best they can be. The upperclassmen have high hopes for the team and how it will grow over the season. They hope to help the underclassmen and new players improve in skill and teamwork.

“There’s a lot of room for improvement so the only direction we can go is up,” senior and co-captain, Valeri Molock said.

No matter what, the girls’ love for soccer remains strong and has them looking forward to the rest of the season. They are excited to continue, and for some to begin, their Lady Raider soccer experience.

“I love being apart of a family type atmosphere that isn’t always about winning but also about having fun and making new friends,” junior Angela Espares said.

The hardworking, dedicated, and committed girls are ready and excited to represent Sunnyvale this season.   

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