Fall Sports Gear up for the Season

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Fall Sports Gear up for the Season

Emma Stevens, Editor

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Raider football is used to being district champions. They win consistently. But this year, SHS moved up to classification 4A and things might be changing for them.

With the move up in classification, competition could become harder. This doesn’t worry the Raiders, though.

We know that the competition will be tougher but we feel like our systems are already in place to handle such a move,” Athletic Director John Settle said. “We look forward to the challenge.”



Over the years, Lady Raider volleyball has had several different coaches. This year, the team is welcoming Head Coach Payton Haller. However, Haller is currently on maternity leave.

While on maternity leave, the team has continued practices and games without their new coach. Before Haller had her baby, she taught them a new drill called “Hop-to-Step.”

“Hop-to-stop refers to when you take a little hop before you pass the ball,” junior Chidera Enyinna said. “This allows you to have more control whenever you pass the ball. It has taken us a while to get used to this new method of passing, but I think that we’ve gotten the hang of it.”

While the team misses Haller, they are are enjoying the help of Head Softball Coach Jason Baldwin in the interim and are excited for their new coach to return.



Every morning around 15 athletes get up to run cross country. Starting at 6:30 a.m., they run around the school and through the paths of the Stoney Creek neighborhood. While this might not seem like a fun activity to some, the students who do this come to love it.

“I’ve always had a heart for running,” freshman Neelima Steep said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s really worth it, in my opinion. I don’t ever want to quit being athletic or lose my skills that I have gained over the years, so that’s why I do cross country.”


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