SHS Sports Fall Kickoff

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SHS Sports Fall Kickoff

TIndall Turner, Editor

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Lady Raider Volleyball Setting Goals for Success

The Lady Raider Volleyball team has started their season off strong, crushing their competition, and leaving teams shaken in their wake.

“Throughout the years, Sunnyvale volleyball has always been a winning program, new Head Coach Skyler Comacho said. “These girls want to maintain and exceed this legacy by going the furthest Sunnyvale volleyball has ever been. “This idea drives our work ethic each and every day in practice.”

The Lady Raiders have set their goals for the season and are climbing to the top. The Lady Raiders have shown their determination by battling numerous teams from larger schools. The Lady Raiders have been victorious in 16 of their 24 total games, leaving their record 16-8.

Sunnyvale Raider Football Working Hard to Improve

Raider football team has been putting in work, and heavily preparing for their upcoming district games.

“We have a long way to go but I believe this team can be very good,” Athletic Director John Settle said.  “We work very had and we try to outwork our opponents.”

The Raiders continue to prepare and aspire to win the Raiders homecoming game against the Palmer Bulldogs, along with vital upcoming district games.

Sunnyvale Cross Country Running Towards Victory

Raider and Lady Raider Cross Country are working hard and taking strides towards their goals for District Championships.

“We are at the stadium at 6:30 a.m., Monday through Thursday mornings, working out hard. We can’t wait for the meets to start!” Head Coach Jill McDill said.

Boys’ and girls’ Cross Country have gone the extra mile for 2 boys placing in the top 20, and 2 girls placing in the top 10 at a very competitive meet this past Saturday. For the girls Lena Meras finished in 7th place and Lilly Jacobs following in 8th place, for the boys Noah Crownover finished in 11th place and Alec Leos coming up in 12th place.

Sunnyvale Cheerleaders Take Cheer Camp By Storm

Sunnyvale cheer has started off the season with the major hit, winning lots of camp awards, and moving their way to the top one stunt at a time.

“During camp, we learned a lot of material to bring back for games, pep rallies and any other event needed,” Senior Co-Captain Jessa-Claire Miller said.

The cheerleaders won several individual and team awards this summer including multiple Camp Spirit Sticks for not only the varsity team, but for the JV squad and Rowdy the Raider, as well. Included in the awards were: 12 Star Jumper Champions & Finalists, All American Mascot Award, along with Champion and Runner-up Star Stunt Groups.

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