The Hair Dress Code Needs to Change

Alyssa Scahbel, Editor-In-Chief

The dress code rules for hair at Sunnyvale High School state that a student may not dye their hair an unnatural color. This rule should be changed and students should be allowed to color their hair any color that they want.

Self-expression is an important part of development for teenagers. People can express themselves through music, writing, the clothing they where, or styling their hair. Students being able to dye their hair whatever color they wish could help them express how they feel about themselves. While some students in activities such as theater, cheer, or other activities where participants’ appearances have to be a certain way will not be able to dye their hair, there are still plenty of students who should be free to color their hair. Some people may say that there are other ways for students to express themselves, but if hair is the way that a certain student expresses themselves, then the rule keeps that student from being able to do so.

Students will also need to get used to the distractions that colored hair supposedly causes. In college, there will not be rules stating that students can not dye their hair a certain color. If high school students can not get used to the distraction now, then how will they survive in college where the classes are harder and the dress code is looser? While hair color could possibly distract a student from paying attention in school, he or she will learn better focus over time. If students are taught that wild hair colors are distracting, then they will be distracted later in life when focus really counts.

Students being able to color their hair could also increase school spirit. On spirit days such as ‘Blue Out’ day, students would be able to color their hair blue. Even using temporary hair dye would increase the spirit around the district. Having better school spirit generally helps students feel happier at school, and being able to dye their hair crazy colors will help build school spirit in the students. While there are other ways to express school spirit, students being able to dye their hair would be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

High school is the time that students start to really find out who they are. Being able to color their hair may help students figure out how to express their changing personalities. Even with the supposed distractions, being able to dye hair unnatural colors does more benefit than harm. Getting students used to distractions, will help them later in life when there are more distractions around. Plus, being able to express themselves and be involved in school spirit will help all students at Sunnyvale feel happier and more at home. Therefore, students should be able to dye their hair unnatural colors.