Spirit and Togetherness


Photo Courtesy of Principal Brian Nickel

Alyssa Schabel, Editor-In-Chief

The theme of this school year is togetherness. This togetherness is being represented by all of Sunnyvale High School’s student groups. This year, the student body has taken school spirit to a whole new level. This school spirit is great and will help bring the student body closer together.

Spirit days have always been a part of Sunnyvale ISD tradition. However, this year the spirit wear is involving a much larger group of students. On the superhero spirit day, a large portion of the student body could be seen wearing superhero t-shirts or even capes. Also, on carnival day, the color competition between the different grades was taken very seriously. The red seniors and the blue juniors spent the day with a joking rivalry between their colors. The students getting involved in the spirit days brought a lot of them closer together.

One group who has taken school spirit to a whole new level is the band. The band’s new director, Jacob Pipak, leads his students to show school spirit and support the football team during games. Under Pipak’s leadership, the band has learned many new stand tunes such as the ESPN theme song. Between the new stand tunes and the increased energy, the band has made huge strides in school spirit. The band’s spirit has made games more interesting for everyone involved–from the people in the stands to the football players dancing to the music on the sideline.

Another group who participates in school spirit is Crowd Not Nice. CNN has always been known for having outstanding school spirit, but this year they are taking it to a whole new level. The student section is bigger than ever full of students cheering on their football team. Thanks to the crowd of students, cheers and chants, and excessive spirit day costumes, CNN is a very strong example of how school spirit is bringing the students together.

School spirit is always a fantastic thing for a student body to have, and Sunnyvale has a lot of it! Every student, no matter what he or she is involved in, can participate in spirit days. Between the spirit days and the activities that are showing school spirit, the Sunnyvale student body finally agrees on working together to be spirited. One thing is for sure, if the student body continues with all of this school spirit, then it will achieve the togetherness that the administration strives for.