Political Correctness? Stop Taking Advantage of Our Rights

Alyssa Schabel, Editor

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Society has reached a difficult time where certain privileges are being taken away from everyone because of the mistakes of the few. It is time that this nation stops taking rights for granted and believing that the way to fix all of the world’s problems is to take away said rights.

Since America was first settled, there has been a problem with intolerance: intolerance for women, intolerance for different races, intolerance for homosexuality, and now intolerance for free speech. This limit on free speech has been dubbed ‘political correctness’, but a better name is fear. Society is so afraid of offending anyone that it has banned people from speaking their minds by creating a witch hunt mentality throughout social media.  Anyone who has an opinion other than what society sees as correct is blatantly torn down until their opinions don’t have any meaning. This witch hunt is the fault of the world; however, political correctness was born from intolerance in the world. But free speech was not the root of the problem. Instead of attacking people’s rights, society should teach them to see the world without bigotry.

This paranoia against free speech is not only affecting the adult and political world, but has spread to schools and universities all over the nation. Some universities have stopped students from exercising their right to free speech by creating “safe spaces”: places where the easily offended thrive and free speech withers up and dies. At these safe spaces, every word must be chosen carefully; it’s like when you’re little and you’re told to “say something nice or don’t say anything at all”, except now it’s “share our opinion or risk getting in trouble.” While many of the beliefs that the safe spaces hold are fantastic ideas, such as gender and racial equality, they have greatly limited students’ abilities to form their own opinions. This is the fault of the few; after centuries of verbal and physical abuse against the different, much of the world decided that it’s better to not say anything at all. The few are taking away the rights of the many.

It is not only social media and schools that are losing their right to free speech; journalists and newspapers all over the country are being censored. These journalists must be careful what they write about for fear of being the next big media scandal. This causes people in media to only talk about certain things in their work to avoid offending the politically correct.

This nation’s rights are being taken away because of those who choose to exploit them. If society doesn’t stop taking rights for granted, it may one day lose them for good. The world is already in the process of losing its freedom of speech; if it wants to keep the rights that it still has, people need to learn to respect these rights.

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