The All-Region Choir Results Are In!


Chinaza Onungwa, Editor

Thirty-five of Sunnyvale High School’s Choir students competed for spots in the Region 3 All-Region Choir. Quite an eventful day, to say the least, Sunnyvale held three out of four of the first chairs at the auditions. Excellent work to all of the Choir members who placed.

The auditions took place on Tuesday, October 15 at Sunnyvale High School. It definitely seems that SHS Choir’s persistence in the weeks leading to the auditions paid off. Almost half of the spots were dominated by Sunnyvale with a total of twenty SHS participants filling positions. 

“I think all of us did really well as we held [a large number] of chairs in the region results,” junior Andrew Vanek said.

Of the multitude of candidates for All-Region Choir, fifty-four students in total advance to the next stage, the Pre-Area contest. The aim this year is to have at least fifteen members from Sunnyvale High School’s Choir then proceed from Area to the final level of the competition. Those who placed in All-Region from Sunnyvale have high hopes of performing even better in the next round.

“I got ninth chair this time, so I’m aiming for seventh or sixth chair [next round],” sophomore Lon Hickman said.

Almost unsurprisingly, sight-reading as well as not being able to rehearse the pieces of music during the wait time proved to be the most challenging aspects of the competition. Most would say that genuine preparation cannot be executed, understandably so, with something as unpredictable as sight-reading. It hardly helps when there is nearly no space for practice beforehand.

“The hardest part of the competition was not being able to practice for several hours. Especially, if you are the last person to go, that’s really bad because you have to wait [for a long time],” senior Rebecca Chacko said.

Another congratulation to all of the Choir members who placed in the competition. Sunnyvale truly proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Be sure to support the All-Region Choir performing at 5 p.m. November 2 at Allen High School.

“This year, I moved up a lot of places, so I was very excited. I’m going to shoot for either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd chair [at Pre-Area],” sophomore Malorie Davidson said.

The following singers are those who placed at All-Region:

Bass: Kelleyton Wilson, 1st; Steven Ohakwe, 2nd; Blake Patterson, 7th; Lon Hickman, 9th; Matthew Asafo-Agyei, 11th.

Tenor: Andrew Vanek, 1st; Cameron Kilpatrick, 3rd; David John, 4th; Andrew Daniel, 5th; Ethan Siao, 6th; Tre Neve, 8th; Joey Robinson, 10th; Joe Alvarado, 11th.

Alto: Abby Bradford, 1st; Malorie Davidson, 7th; Cadence Houghton, 14th; Maddie Walker, 15th.

Soprano: McKinley Ream, 9th; Olivia Ranta, 11th; Ashley Diaz, 14th; Rebecca Chacko, 15th.