Juniors Start Clean and Green Environmental Club


Breann Mayes, Editor

Three Sunnyvale High School students have announced their intentions to make the world a cleaner, move livable place. Juniors Aleena George, Noreen Antony, and Sophy Thomas recently created the Clean and Green Environmental Club to change what they believe is damage that our population has caused to our planet.

“We created this club to spread awareness about our environment and come together as a community and make a difference.” Sophy Thomas said. “Growing up and seeing our environment deteriorate plus the constant bad news of what is happening in the world motivated us to make a change.” stated Aleena George.

The change that this group wants to make can go beyond just their small, three person organization.

“Our goal behind this club is to spread awareness about the world and the environmental issues it is going through.” said Sophy Thomas. 

They would like to include the whole school district and the community. “I aspire to create an eco friendly environment in which most of the community members participate in.” Noreen Antony said.

They had their first meeting of the year to discuss how they plan to take action and the first of many cleanups for the club will begin in October. 

You can text @thecleang to 81010 to join their Remind app to learn more about their upcoming activities. “This club is open for anyone to join, and we hope to see our members grow overtime.” said Sophy Thomas.