SHS Journalism Department Unveils New Magazine “The Manifest”

SHS Journalism Department Unveils New Magazine

Breann Mayes, Editor

The SHS Media Team is creating a magazine entitled The Manifest.

One of the goals of the publication is to provide student readers of The Manifest with more significant articles than can be provided in the limited space of a traditional yearbook.

“I would like for us to cover in-depth narrative pieces about the people in our school who are involved in various organizations,” said Adviser Emily White. “This includes personality stories about our students and teachers and what makes our student population so unique.” 

Beyond providing interesting features and topics for students readers, The Manifest will also provide high school journalism students the ability to gather more personalized coverage of  students in their current coverage for the yearbook or our online newspaper, The Sentinel.

White also sees the publication as a way to provide motivation for aspiring journalists.

“I want journalism students to have a printed piece of their work to take home other than the yearbook,” she said. “It’s hard to stay motivated in a journalism classroom when you don’t get to see your work published more than one time a year. This is a new way to explore our students in a narrative fashion.”

The Manifest will be published at the end of each semester. The cost to purchase the publication will be determined soon. The staff is looking for a sponsor to help offset some of the printing costs to make it more affordable for Sunnyvale students.