Save the Cold Snap Turtles
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Save the Cold Snap Turtles

Alyssa Schabel, Editor

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Every year, hundreds of turtles die from being ‘cold-stunned.’ Cold-stunning is a hypothermic reaction that occurs when a sea turtle is exposed to cold water. It is very difficult for volunteers to save the turtles, so the SHS STEM Program decided to lend a hand. Students in the program created a video for the PCS Edventures’ “How Would You Drone?” contest to raise awareness for the cold snap turtles and to win a drone.

“We wanted to not only show how we would use a drone, but also bring awareness to an issue often overlooked,” junior Paige Sanders said. “Our hope is to win the drone and be able to implement the technology in retrieving more turtles at a faster pace.”

According to Sanders, the program plans to use the drone to better the STEM program and increase chances of turtles surviving the cold waters. Since it is very difficult to find the cold snap turtles, the students hope that the drone will make it easier to locate the turtles.

“Receiving the drones from the competition will allow us to prototype our ideas and test them to see if they work before finalizing them,” senior Joshua John said. “During the month of March, STEM 2, with the help of STEM 3, will start designing a robot that could retrieve cold-snapped turtles and take them to a location where they could be warmed up and receive medical attention.”

To receive the drone, the students need to win the contest. People can help the STEM program win the contest by going to the contest’s website and voting on Paige Sanders’ video “Using a Drone for Cold Snap Turtles.” However, that is not all people can do to help the turtles.

“The best thing to do is contact experts and professionals in the field such as Marrow & Moss or Padre Island National Seashore on how to help,” John said. “They love the help and hold some fun events to help out. In fact, Padre Island National Seashore has an event during the summer where you could help protect baby sea turtles as they are hatching.”

Voting on the video would not only help the STEM program, but would help save hundreds of turtles from dying. The technology the program would receive could make rescuing the turtles much easier.

We’re asking for supplies to save cold snap turtles and help an endangered animal,” Sanders said. “Through advancing to finals and winning the contest, our program would be able to make a difference.”

Use the following QR code and url to vote on Paige Sanders’ video and save the cold snap turtles:

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