Learning Through History

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Learning Through History

Paige Nelson, Editor

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A few students each year get the opportunity to represent Sunnyvale at the Freedoms Foundation Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference sponsored by the Dallas Area Chapter at Valley Forge. This conference facilitates learning and group activities spotlighting history, the free enterprise system, and leadership skills.


In April, Rani Nune, Ashlyn Powell, and Paige Nelson were interviewed and selected to represent Sunnyvale High School for the five day conference. These girls learned a lot and are excited to incorporate what they learned into the school.


“The Valley Forge experience gave me more knowledge about the events that occurred at Valley Forge as well as a deeper appreciation for our country,” senior Ashlyn Powell said. “One thing that made an impact on me at the conference was the opportunity we had to meet people and make friends from all around the country.”


A great part about these conferences is how it unites student leaders from all across America. Students from Florida, Georgia, Dallas, California, and more were invited. After being separated into groups and dorms, everyone gets close and bonds together like a family. Attendees are able to bond with others and make friendships that will last for years to come. In order for students to go, their chapter sponsors donate funds to send them to Valley Forge. The generosity of these sponsors is amazing, and they are helping shape the future of this nation.


“When I got the call that I was chosen to attend this conference, I was so excited!” senior Paige Nelson said. “I am so grateful to the sponsors who allowed me to attend this trip. I have learned that I can make a difference in my community by voicing my opinion even as a teenager.”


These three students attended the Friends of Freedom Dinner put on by the Dallas Area Chapter of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge on October 11th, in the Great Hall of the Old Red Museum in downtown Dallas. Medal of Honor Recipient, Lt. Commander Michael E.Thornton, was the keynote speaker. Thornton is pictured with Sunnyvale representatives as he presented them with the book he co-authored with Tom Norris entitled By Honor Bound. The book is a gift to the Sunnyvale High School Library from the Dallas Chapter.


“I would recommend this program to others. It has given me a great experience that I will carry with me forever.” senior Rani Nune said. “It was incredible to view history in my eyes and difficult to fathom that centuries ago, brave men who crafted the very fabric of our nation stood on the very soil I stood on at that moment.”

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