Its Time For Homecoming!

Alyssa Schabel, Editor

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It’s finally that time of year! Next week marks the week of homecoming. This year’s homecoming dance is at the Hilton Rockwall Lakefront on Saturday, October 27th. The dance lasts from 8 PM to 11 PM and has the theme ‘Viva Los Raiders’.

We wanted to come up with a fun & eye catching theme,” Clark Mitchell, the director of future readiness, said. “We felt that it was a great theme for the HOCO week and dance.”

The theme, meaning ‘long live the Raiders’, is only one thing that students can be excited about for this year’s homecoming dance. Students can also look forward to dancing at the Hilton.

“When checking venues, the Hilton was one that was recommended by multiple people to host the dance,” Mitchell said. “The Hilton was excited to host the dance and has been accommodating to our requests.”

The Hilton is close enough to Sunnyvale that students will not have to travel far to get to the dance. The dance is being DJed by Great Music and Games.

“Students will be able to have a good time with a DJ that comes highly recommended,” Mitchell said. “The DJ is new this year and will be his first time doing a dance for Sunnyvale High School.”

Between the new DJ, the beautiful venue at the Hilton, and the unique theme, students have a lot to look forward to at this years homecoming. The week will be full of exciting activities and spirit days to get the students excited for the week.

“Students will be able to look forward to having a great time with their friends and classmates this year for homecoming week activities, football game and the dance,” Mitchell said.

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