Lady Raiders: Area Champs


Kelsey Pormasdoro, Editor

This year, the Lady Raider volleyball team made history and finished 38-6 with a spot in the regional quarterfinals.  

Aside from it being the furthest the team has gone in playoffs, this season was unlike any other in many ways, and the three seniors, Catie Wells, Barbara Forman, and Ashley Tucker, were able to reflect upon the differences in this season.

From the very beginning, head coach Lance Simmons helped create a unique season to pave their way to success.

“Every year, Coach Simmons has started the year off with a theme or overall goal,” Forman said. “The theme this year was ‘Together,’ and I think that was a different approach than seasons in the past. I had confidence the whole year that we would always come back even when we were down.”

Coach Simmons’ positivity was noted by all seniors as a significant aspect of this season.

“Coach Simmons created an overall more positive atmosphere,” Forman said. “We would have a value of the week that was presented by different coaches in the staff.”

The standards were also set to be higher this season, and this challenged the team to work harder than ever.

“We really raised the bar as far as goals go,” Tucker said. “We set our goals very high and did not quit until we achieved them, which made us improve more and more everyday.”

The team also had a close bond this year, and their friendship helped fuel their ability to play together.

“I love our team this year!” Wells said. “Since I have lived here it has been the closest team and most fun to be a part of. We all love playing together and want the same thing: to win.”

Other than the special bond the team had together, each individual had immense talent and determination.

“I think our team is special because we never give up,” Wells said. “We always fight, and we always come together to always play our best.”

As the season comes to a close and the seniors exit the court for the final time, their hard work and time spent playing for this school will never be forgotten.

“I could not have asked for a better senior season,” Tucker said. “Going as far as we did was an amazing experience, and even though I am very sad about it being my last season, I would not change a thing, and I am excited to see my teammates go far next season!”