Students Reflect on Homecoming Dance

Cambelle Stranes, Editor

After the busy homecoming week, students were able to relax and let loose at this year’s dance, which took place at the Hella Shrine Temple on Saturday.

Students shared their thought about the dance.

“It was fun getting to dance and hang out with our friends,” sophomore Carli Morgan said.

Food was provided by the BPA and seemed to be well liked by everyone there.

Freshman Lily Jacobs agreed. “My favorite part was the Chick-Fil-A.”

Dancing was the focus of the evening and students enjoyed sharing that experience.

“It was fun getting to dance with everyone from school and doing the “Cha Cha Slide with Dylan Hawkins,” junior Parker Paschall said.

Students also shared some of the downsides to the night.

“I think that they need to improve the music and maybe let us have a little more freedom on the dance floor,” Morgan said.

Overall, the homecoming dance accomplished what it was meant to do. It allowed students to gather together and enjoy each others company to finish off the celebration of homecoming week.