Audio/Video Class Receive A Grant For New Equipment


Becky Fisher and Peyton Haller accept the grant.

Emma Stevens, Editor

As Sunnyvale High School is growing, so are many of the extracurricular programs. This year, Audio/Visual Teacher Becky Fisher’s class received a grant for $8,

Becky Fisher and Peyton Haller accept the grant.

500, opening up new opportunities for new technology and even a new broadcast program. 

Not only will a studio environment allow for an authentic learning environment for Audio/Video students, but it will allow Raider TV staff to develop community advertising partners, create advertising packages, and run ads on community venues,” Fisher said. “Students will be able to construct sets and set up studio equipment for the studio each year. They will also be able to utilize studio equipment like switches, teleprompters and lighting to create authentic products and prepare for work in a studio environment.”

Along with Fisher’s excitement for the new equipment, students are also thrilled to be able to learn about how video and audio equipment can be used in jobs and real broadcast programs that they can take with them after high school and into their jobs. 

“I think that the equipment we have received has helped our classroom thrive,” junior Ethan Stevens said.  “It will help us create works that can help us move to the future.”