Sunnyvale Homecoming 2017- Our Time to Shine

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Sunnyvale Homecoming 2017- Our Time to Shine

Haley Settle and Melissa Sigala

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The Town of Sunnyvale during homecoming week is a place like no other. From Saturday with the town parade to the next Saturday with the school dance, it is a week’s worth of activities. Although the students enjoy every homecoming activity, the dance and the football game are overall favorites.

To kick off homecoming week, Sunnyvale has it’s annual town parade. All fall sports and organizations are able to create their own float and show off their participants to the town. After the parade, PTA throws the annual fall carnival as a fundraiser for their organization.

“My favorite part about the Homecoming parade was making the jolly junior float and seeing everyone enjoy our christmas theme,” junior Landry Hunter said. “It was also really fun to find out that the juniors won the float competition for the third year in a row. It was a perfect fit because Christmas is the best time of the year and we are the best class! We worked so hard on our float and it was so cool to see our hard work pay off.”

Throughout the week, students are able to participate in themed spirit days. The spirit days are set by the cheerleaders and all students have fun participating in them.

“My favorite spirit day was twin day,” Garrett Gonyaw said. “The reason that I love it so much is because it gets more people involved in the spirit of the school. It’s so much fun to not have to wear regular clothes and have something that changes up a regular day.”

On Sept. 22, all schools came together for the district pep rally held at Raider Stadium. The Jr. Stars, Varsity, JV, and middle school cheerleaders all put on performances for the students and staff. Sunnyvale band was also there to perform from the beginning all the way up until the end for the school song. The district pep rally is an awesome way for all SISD schools to come together and celebrate Sunnyvale.

“My favorite part about the homecoming pep rally was being surrounded by the entire district at once,” senior Addy Brock said. “I love being able to join all three campuses together to cheer on the raiders to victory!”

Throughout the week the students are able to vote for who they want to represent them in the Homecoming Court. This year, the students choose Dylan Hawkins as Homecoming Queen, Laith Mustafa as Homecoming King, Kilee Collins as Miss SHS, and Austin Wilkerson as Mr. SHS. Out of the entire senior class it is such an honor to be nominated and Sunnyvale is so proud of the leadership the nominees have shown.

“To be crowned the 2017 Homecoming Queen was an amazing experience,” senior Dylan Hawkins said. “Knowing that not only my class, but also all of Sunnyvale High School, thought of me to represent our School is such an honor to say the least. Overall, it was a complete honor to be crowned this year’s Homecoming Queen for the class of 2018. “

This years Homecoming dance was held at the Hella Shrine Ballroom in Garland. Students dressed their best, took hundreds of pictures, then started to fill the space around 8pm. About 250 kids attended the dance from all high school classes. All students who attended were able to have fun as a school and come together for a great night.

“My favorite thing about the dance was getting to dance with my friends!!!,” Kilee Collins said. “It’s as if everyone was just one big group of friends and it was awesome.”

Overall, the entire town of Sunnyvale had a great homecoming week and we can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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