Burnin’ Up

Burnin' Up

Paige Nelson, Editor

At 211 degrees, water is hot; and at 212 degrees, it boils. This is Sunnyvale High School’s theme for the year. It encourages high school students to go the extra mile, and to not take short cuts.

Once a quarter, teachers go the “extra degree” by doing something in their classes for the students that would not normally be done. This shows how administration, teachers, and students, all have their part in creating the best environment for learning.

“The meaning of 212 day to me was learning to communicate in difficult circumstances.” sophomore Zane Fisher said.

212 Day prepares students for the real world. It’s a different environment in which to learn and collaborate. Sometimes teachers will make 212 Day more of a “together” classroom day, instead of a ”lecture and notes” type of day. Maybe the class goes outside to learn in a different setting, or maybe there is a game to played that helps better integrate what is being learned in classes. Creating a safe place to interact and communicate in with others has a great impact on both the teachers and the students.

“I do believe that the 212 theme has a positive and influential impact on students.” teacher and coach Jason Baldwin said. “Simply put, it’s going above and beyond what is expected so that the outcome will not be typical.”

Boiling water produces steam, and with steam, you can power a train. A lot is expected from both students and teachers here at Sunnyvale; both in the classroom, and out. When someone does something they didn’t have to do, it gets noticed. Just going to school everyday, sitting there for a couple hours, then going home is doing the bare minimum. 212 Day reinforces going “above and beyond”, and to always do more than was anticipated.  SHS students exemplify this theme in grades, in community service, and everyday student life.

“My hope is that students will leave the class feeling like they are a part of the project or event that is taking place,” teacher Paula Brooks said. “Years down the road I hope they will look back and remember “212 Days” as days that went over the mark and worked to get everyone involved.”