DHT Brings Community Service to SHS


India Howay, Editor

DHT (Do Hard Things) started with Sunnyvale’s graduating class of 2014 and, in the years since their graduation, was not quite as active. However this year, the group in the midst of a comeback. Sponsored by English teacher Sara McLaughlin led by seniors Radhika Nune and Alina Mathew, the organization strives to help out those in need in the community and do anything they can to make a difference big or small.

“Our main goal this year is to help the community in any way we can, and make an impact in people’s lives,” Nune said. “We also hope to bring students together during these events and have fun! DHT is all about helping people in need, and having fun while doing it. We hope to make DHT more consistent and inclusive this year by having events every month.”

DHT participates in as many different events as they can throughout the school year, making a difference in any way they can.   

“Some events we are going to are the Fall Carnival, Turkey Dinner and Give-Away, Christmas Dinner and Give-Away. These are all events that Youth World Hosts. Other events include volunteering at Dallas Life Homeless Shelter, The StewPot, North Texas Food Bank, and Austin’s Street Shelter,” Mathew said. “We bring students together to help out people that do not have the same opportunities as we do, as well as people that who have fallen into hard circumstances. We accomplish this through serving food to the unfortunate, and helping families get groceries that they may not otherwise be able to afford.”