SHS Choir is an Absolute Thriller This Year


Three students reading music

Chinaza Onungwa, Editor

Sunnyvale High School’s Choir is going through quite a few changes this year. It is the hope that it not only reaches new heights over the course of the year but is also successful with its new additions to the program.

Classes Kick off for the Year

Both male and female students across all classes are in the midst of preparing for their fall concert on Oct. 14. As the date nears, however, some vocalists are definitely feeling the pressure.

“So, we don’t really have a lot of guys in our choir and that’s making everyone nervous more so than excited. The teacher’s really helping us pull through,  so I think everything’s going to be okay,” freshman Ethan Siao said.

For those interested in attending, the concert will take place in the school’s auditorium at 7:00 p.m.

SHS Daybreak will be adding a couple of occasions this year. Prospective projects include the North Texas Madrigal Festival, an invitational termed the “Big ‘D’ Classic”, and a Spaghetti Dinner and Show. While a bit avant-garde, the events should definitely be interesting.

On another note, the Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce should be expecting an earnest performance from Daybreak on Sept. 11 in remembrance of the 9/11 attacks.

“I think it’s very nice that the [Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce] can hear what our choir department is doing and how we are supporting those who died on 9/11,” senior David John said.

A Cappella members, as well as a select few students in Men’s and Women’s Choir, are in the process of taking the necessary steps to equip for All-State Choir. 

“I think to make it to All-State Choir, it’s definitely a daily routine… You have to practice everyday and practice like how you would perform. It’s something that you actually have to work towards,” junior Cadence Houghton said.

A Cappella Bursts onto the Scene

If it wasn’t already evident, Choir is introducing yet another brand new feature, A Cappella, to its program. Upon moving up to 4A competition last year, the choir size difference between Sunnyvale and other schools was apparent, with the varsity choir of 20 students challenging groups of 35 or even 40 students at rival schools.

“Our varsity choir, in comparison to other schools, was very small,” Choir director Mrs. Senter said.

The idea of A Cappella is that it is a varsity mixed choir consisting of some of the best singers in the school. Vocalists in Daybreak, alongside others in A Cappella, will perform All-Region music in various competitions.

“Large varsity mixed choirs are kind of the standard across the Metroplex,” Choir Director Megan Senter explained, sitting at her desk. “[We wanted] a smaller ensemble or show choir… and then [a larger] concert choir.”

Unfortunately, the A Cappella Choir will not be likened to the TV show Glee but the possibility of preppy, upbeat numbers can be anticipated in a ‘pop show’ in the spring.

Fundraisers and Booster Clubs for the Win

Choir is coming in hot with a new Choir booster club. The concept has been in the works for a while now, with the primary cause for creating one being the need for a booster club to support an ever-evolving Choir’s financial needs. The absence of a booster club in the past meant fewer opportunities for parent involvement, fundraising events, and various activities.

“[The Choir] grew to a point where it became difficult for the Choir director to manage the fundraising, volunteer, and activity needs as well as focus on the quality of the Choir,” Choir booster club president Annie Bennett said.

One fundraiser, in particular, is one that Choir is planning to bring back this year. On Saturday, Oct. 14, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, a mattress sale will be held on campus for curious consumers to consider. Fairly unconventional, right? Mrs. Senter agreed too, but she also countered possible concerns with her own perspective.

“If you think about it, everybody has several [mattresses] in their house… When people purchase through [the] mattress fundraiser, not only are they supporting [the] organization, but their purchase is actually tax-deductible,” she clarified.

Even with minimal advertising, last year’s mattress sale managed to end up with more attendance than the homecoming parade. This year, Choir is looking forward to much more promotion as well as a higher profit margin.

“Last year, we raised a little over $1000. I’m looking for better dates and advertising and [this year], I’m hoping [to raise] somewhere within the neighborhood of $3000 to $4000.”