Theatre OAP: Rose and The Rime

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Theatre OAP: Rose and The Rime

Sereen Hamideh, Editor

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In the upcoming SHS theatre installment, Rose and the Rime, the high school theatre department is presenting a different kind of play. Rose and The Rime is a show in which the high school theatre department will showcase their talents.

“Our past couple of shows have been mostly realistic, but Rose and The Rime gives us the opportunity to explore our talents and help the actors think outside of the box in movement/ensemble work.” junior Joanna George, a lead on the technical work, said.

They have strayed away from the realistic type of plays and have opted for a new type of play. Taking a turn from the real world aspect of the plays, they are expanding their skills to test the fantastical play in the new auditorium.

“We have a lot more room to be creative with our designs. I’m super excited because I’ll be able to add in some fun elements to the set with the transition from winter to summer and then back again throughout the show,” Madeline Hansen, the prop master said.

The cast for the show has also been preparing for this shift in the genre as well.

           “Morale is incredibly important because we rely on each other to make a show happen. In a competition, chemistry is crucial. Techies and actors rely on themselves and each other to fulfill responsibilities that are crucial to making sure we make a good competition,” George said.

Thinking of how the show differs on a technical aspect, George had insight to share.

“The techies get to think outside of the box. We have to constantly work to execute the ideas that we thought of. In our set, costumes, makeup, and lights, we can stretch our creativity muscles to create a magical story for all people to enjoy,” George said.

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