Art Department Introduces New Art Honor Society

Rachael Stevens, Editor

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As heard on the announcements SHS will be introducing an art honor society. This will bring all sorts of benefits to the fine arts department and will help showcase SHS talent.

I think it’s good idea, and it will lead to a lot of new opportunities for art students,” art student Mia McDougall said.

Members of the art honor society will meet once a month to talk about art and upcoming events. Seniors who are in art honor society, will get to wear a special colored cord at graduation. Seniors are also eligible to receive a scholarship.

“I am really excited to join because art is my passion and I would love to hang out with people who share that,” Lindy Mangrum, another art student said. “I can’t wait to share ideas and inspire and encourage each other.”

There are, however, a few stipulations to get into the art honor society:

  • Students must have a B or above in art and
  • Students must have had to been in art for at least one year

“Being a member means that you can have your art published nationally,” SHS Art Teacher Melanie Phelps said. “I’m excited to see what [the students] can do and expect to see more artwork publicly and in the halls”


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