Sunnyvale’s Got Talent


Carli Hernandez, Editor

The annual PTA’S ‘Sunnyvale’s Got Talent’ talent show will be held November 18th at 1:30-3:15pm in the SHS gymnasium. Every year a bunch of students come to show their talents, the funds go to PTA and there are door prizes for the audience

When I’m performing, there’s a huge adrenaline rush! So it’s exciting just being in front of others. I personally LOVE when the crowd claps and sings along. It’s a sign that they’re enjoying the performance, and that means so much more than a trophy ever could. “ said Senior Sharon Thomas, a regular participant in ‘Sunnyvale’s Got Talent.’

There will be a variety of acts, like singing, dancing and playing of musical instruments etc. Here is what we know so far.


Lauryn Statham and Luke Van Vessem; Andy Tran, Landry Hunter and Tony Easo, Tanner Roberts, Landon Wolfe, Sharon Thomas and Kayla Rabb


The Hip Hoppers (Caira Pettway, CeCe Ramirez, Lauryn Statham, Parker Paschall and Dylan Hawkins), SHS Thespian Troupe 7532


Mari Barrientes & Garrett Gonyaw, Dayne Ramirez, Matt Flores and Cole Ramirez, Nyssa Kantorek, Logan Jacobs, Elise Norlie, Willie O’Neill, Jisha Abraham

We are ecstatic to see these fellow Raiders show off their talents Friday!!!

SHS is really just one big family. Take a deep breath, shake out the nerves, and do what you’re passionate about! Regardless of whether that’s singing, playing an instrument, or even dancing, you just need to have the right mindset. You’re not performing in an effort to try and be perfect; you’re sharing your passion with others, and that’s so much better. I still get nervous when performing in front of others, but it is SO worth it afterwards,” said Thomas.