Texas Sized Eats


Paige Nelson, Editor


Fried food. The one thing that the Texas State Fair is known for. From snow cones, to turkey legs, everything’s bigger and better in Texas.

This Friday, September 30th, the fair kicks off. Sunnyvale residents are lucky to have two families in the food court: the Graces, who operate under a few names: Texas Sized Pizza, Pizza by the Slice, and Burger and Chili Shack and the Howards, with sCRUMBScious Burger and Pie Company.

“We were in the State Fair food contest 2 years ago with Fried Breakfast for Dinner and we won the food contest at the OKC State Fair with the Juicy Lucy Cheeseburger,” owner, Tom Grace said.

The Graces ‘hold down the fort’ in the food court. They sell pizza, burgers, funnel cakes, Tornado Potato Fries, Volcano Nachos, and fresh squeezed lemonade. They are very popular around the fair and sell some delicious eats.

“We started with one location in 1989,” Grace said. “We now have three locations at The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and Houston Rodeo.”

Each location makes its appearance at these month-long shows. From starting small and growing bigger, Pizza by the Slice is making a name for itself. With unique and tasty products, surely SISD families will be seeing the Graces at the fair for a long time to come.

“The Funyun Ding will definitely be our biggest seller this year,” sCRUMBScious owner, Sherry Howard said.

The Howards were finalists in the Top 8 Big Tex Choice Awards this year. Their item is called the Deep Fried Pulled Pork Funyun Ding, which is a delightfully stacked mess of cheese, bacon, pineapple, pork, BBQ sauce, and Funyuns. Although they didn’t win overall, the Howards are just grateful to be a finalist, for the experience, and for the the great things that came out of it.

“Being in The Top 8 has been a lot of fun and is giving us a lot of exposure,” Howard said. “It’s even more awesome that it’s giving our family business even more exposure, which is what we’ve been trying to build for the past 7 years.”

Their company, sCRUMBScious, has recently been highlighted in the media, especially from being in the Big Tex Choice Awards. This has helped them not only grow their booth, but their family business, as well. The Howard family shared a special moment upon finding out they were going to be in The Top 8 at the fair this year.

“When you work so hard, every day, literally blood, sweat and tears, to grow something, and then you have a moment like that, nothing compares,” Howard said.

The fair is very hard to get into and few people make the cut. Having two families in the prime spot of the food court is great accomplishment. If you are planning on going to the Texas State Fair this year, stop by Texas Sized Pizza and sCRUMBScious; you won’t be disappointed!