Shrek the Musical Swamps Sunnyvale

Shrek the Musical Swamps Sunnyvale

Carli Hernandez, Editor

The SHS Fine Arts Department will present Shrek The Musical to audiences November 10 and 12 in the SHS cafetorium.

“Shrek is a story of a an ogre who is destined to live life alone and secluded until his life changes when a band of fairy tale creatures are banned to his home, causing him to get out of his comfort zone and seek a solution,” director Candace Clarke said. “A solution, he finds, can only be solved by making friends and using teamwork.”

The principal cast and crew auditioned for the musical last spring and finalized roles in early September. Senior Ethan Armstrong will play the title role of Shrek, with senior Lori McDermett playing his sidekick, Donkey. A complete list of cast and crew may be found on Clarke’s website.

“This fairy tale, with a different ending, is possibly a more genuine and hopeful one,” Clarke said.  “Being yourself and accepting others in their uniqueness is a courageous adventure worth going on with true friends.”

As the Sunnyvale community grows, musicals like Shrek add new meaning for its audiences.

“With Sunnyvale steadily growing, there will be new people from different places, and we’re hoping to show our audience that acceptance comes in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds,” Clarke said.