Fashion Trends Make Fall Fun



India Howay, Editor

The Bold Ruffle

Nothing makes a statement like a ruffle. This summer, probably the topf9398_wu3545_m trend was off the shoulder tops, especially ones with a big ruffle across it. As fall approaches, the weather has yet to cool down and this trend is still going strong. The amazing thing about wearing a bold ruffle top is that you don’t need to add anything else to your outfit. It adds a feminine touch, as well as a bold statement. You can even forego adding jewelry except maybe some earrings for the finishing touch.


The Suede Button Down Skirt

41435b4fa6a3253a31166614bddb8c94This fall, the suede skirt is everywhere. In a variety of colors, like maroon or brown, it screams simple, yet chic. With it being a neutral color you can wear it with almost any top whether you’re feeling something striped or a solid color, you can’t go wrong. It’s the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe for back-to-school while it’s still a little hot and and can transition into the cooler months because of the suede material.


Adidas Superstars

Retro is making a comeback and the Adidas Superstars are definitely at adidas-superstar-80-blanc-et-noir-3the top. These classic sneakers can pair with practically anything in your closet all the way from jeans and jean shorts, to a simple t-shirt dress. They’re a fashion statement and comfort all in one. The solid black stripes and metallic gold labeling give them a signature look.


Green Cargo Jacketimg-thing

The cargo jacket is such a versatile piece because you can wear it in almost any season, except maybe winter. It’s not super heavy either, making it perfect for layering. If it’s chillier in the mornings, you can slip this on and still have a cute outfit and if you get too hot just tie it around your waist!